Coaching and Workshops

Are you looking for a way to move beyond fear, shame, or trauma around your sexuality, and find self-acceptance and erotic empowerment?

Are you searching for creative and consensual ways to give voice to your sexual desires?

Are you wondering how to chart a course beyond binary gender models or “vanilla” sex?

Are you longing to reconnect with your beloved(s), and enter into a new chapter of intimacy together?

Are you ready to discover, embrace, and celebrate your erotic self?

If any of the above ring true for you, and you are looking for a safe and welcoming space from which to address the difficult questions about love, sex, intimacy, and/or gender, psychosexual coaching may be for you.

I’m Aarav, the founder of Haejin Art, and in my capacity as a coach, I take pleasure in empowering my clients to:

  • Clarify and communicate their boundaries, their needs, and their desires
  • Develop strategies for radical self-acceptance and ethical self-care
  • Discover new possibilities for intimacy and sex, and navigate different stages of love and life in creative and pleasure-giving ways
  • Address issues around identity – whether in terms of sexuality or gender – and find safe and fulfilling ways to embody and express themselves
  • And to reconnect – to their own sexual and creative energy, to partners and loved ones, and, if they so wish, to an experience of unconditional and sex-positive divine love

My work takes the form of talk therapy, and uses breath and visualization techniques to promote embodiment, integration, pleasure expansion, and peace. I bring warmth, humor, and presence to my sessions, and my unique psychosexual coaching is influenced by years of experience in conscious sexuality, spiritual counselling, and the gifts of the breath.

Ultimately, what I do comes down to helping you find the permission to be yourself – ecstatically.

Coaching sessions can be conducted online, or in person on a quarterly basis. I operate on a busy schedule, and coach a limited number of people at a time, so I encourage you to begin the booking process now if you think I might be the coach for you.

I recommend a minimum of three coaching sessions to reconnect you with your body, your desire, and your truth, and to help you to begin to express and explore yourself and your sexuality accordingly. I usually see clients on a fortnightly basis, and I tend to assign home play to give you ways to continue the work between sessions. Some clients choose to work with me on a longer term basis, unraveling outdated patterns, addressing old wounds, and integrating permission and pleasure into every facet of their lives. Ultimately, the journey of erotic discovery is a lifelong one, and one it is my delight to support you on for as long as feels appropriate to us both.

All genders, orientations, relationship configurations, bodies, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome.