Aftercare Habits: This is what men should do after sex

Sex is an amazing thing, and there’s no person out there that doesn’t enjoy it. Different people like different things. Some like vanilla sex full of seduction, emotions, and tenderness, while others like to spice things up and try different things.


People have different aftercare routines after sex, too. Some immediately need to take a shower, brush their teeth, or even have a bite to eat. But there are some aftercare habits for men everyone should practice. If you want to know what men should do after sex, here are a few things to consider.

Cool Down and Hydrate

Having sex is much more physically exhausting than people might think. Even though more calories are burnt with light running, you’ll still likely break a sweat if you last more than a couple of minutes in the sack.


The thing that should be amongst the top aftercare habits for men should be to cool down and hydrate after having sex. Spending time having passionate sex with your partner will cause dehydration, and you’ll raise your core temperature. You should look at sex as if it were a workout but a fun and enjoyable one. Even if you go running or lifting weights, you’ll drink water afterward, and you’ll take a few minutes to catch your breath. The same should be applied after having sex.


Dehydration can have a serious effect on one’s health. Although one session with your partner wouldn’t have a huge effect on your body, being dehydrated constantly can cause different health issues that are not something you want to mess with.

Shower and Do Hygienic Routines

One of the most common and popular aftercare routines is taking a shower. Both men and women like to have a shower after being intimate with their partner, not just to wash down all the sweat and bodily fluids that are left.


The reason why showering after sex is one of the most important aftercare habits for men is to reduce the chance of getting infections. This doesn’t mean you need to take all your shower and hygienic products when you visit your partner because just mild soap and water will do the trick until you have access to all your shower and hygiene products.


The reason why it’s important to clean up after sex is that your intimate region is more sensitive and can develop all sorts of infections easier. Uncircumcised men should especially take care under the foreskin because that’s where most bacteria develop.


If you practice unsafe sex (you don’t wear a condom), there’s a chance you’ll get microtears on the foreskin. That can cause a series of complications if not cleaned right away. Taking a shower and using different skin products after sex won’t prevent infection but will reduce the chance of complications.

Clean Up Condoms and Wash Sex Toys

During sex, a lot of accessories can be used. Condoms are one of the most common things couples use. But different sex toys and gadgets are also becoming frequent. It’s not uncommon for couples to use different aids to keep their sex life interesting.


One of the things that people don’t realize is that sex toys and accessories can start smelling funky if not cleaned right after use, especially if any anal play is involved. If any of your sex toys have an odor, it’s less likely you’ll use them again. So, cleaning them should be one of the aftercare routines you should implement every time you’re intimate with your partner.


Cleaning sex toys before and after use isn’t only to prevent bad smells. Using clean and disinfected sex toys and accessories will also significantly reduce the possibility of health issues and complications. 


Cleaning sex toys right after use with warm water and a mild soap will disinfect the sex toys and will remove all the smells. It’s also recommended to wash the sex toys before you use them for the same reasons. And you know, to be sure you’ve removed any residue from them.

Eat Up with Your Partner

As we mentioned before, sex is fun and a great way to connect with your partner. But sex can also be a great stress relief, and emotions don’t need to be involved for two (or more) people to enjoy intimate moments.


For couples that are emotionally involved, having a meal after sex is a great way to connect further. It’s also a great way to recharge, so you’ll be able to have sex again soon. 


When it comes to food choice, there are a few options to consider. For example, are you done with intimacy, or do you plan on having round two with your partner? If you’re done having sex, the choice is up to you. Having a romantic meal with your partner and a great conversation is all you’ll need to make the night perfect.


If you’re having a snack in between having rounds, there are certain foods that can improve the mood and make you ready for round two faster. Bananas, apples, and strawberries are a great choice because they instantly give you nutrients that will replenish your strength and energy.


Spinach and oysters are considered to improve sex drive but take more time to prepare, and you’ll need to brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash to get rid of the bad breath.

Read a Book or Take a Nap

This part is not just about what men should do after sex, but it applies to women as well. Having sex activates a lot of hormones in one’s body that have great effects on brain function. 


After sex, people usually have a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Stress and anxiety levels drop, which makes it a great base to take a nap. It’s known that having sex uses a lot of energy, so the nap would feel amazing, no matter if you spent 15 minutes with your partner or a few hours.


Because there are a lot of feel-good hormones flowing through your body after sex, it’s a great time to hit the books as well. The oxytocin, endorphins, and cortisol will make it easier for you to focus, thus making it easier to study.


If you’re a student, don’t avoid going to parties or having a partner. Not only will you have someone to talk to, but it will be beneficial for your education as well.

Why Are These Things Necessary?

All of the aftercare routines we mentioned are important because you’ll stay healthy and wisely use all the benefits of having sex.


Many people don’t realize how sex can be beneficial, but also the importance of aftercare habits for men and women. We’ve covered only a couple of the most important ones that can have a significant effect on your life and how you do things in the future.


Implementing these aftercare routines might not change your life instantly, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re healthy and in a flourishing, caring relationship.