Never Be Lonely With Realistic Dildos

People date and then expect sex. It’s the way things go. Some people are just after relief while some want to experience some sort of a connection in the hopes of finding their future husband or wife. Many others fall in various places in this spectrum. But what if you don’t have time for dating? That’s what realistic dildos are for.

Why Do People Want Realistic Dildos?

It takes a lot of time to meet a person, finds that spark which makes you ask him or her out on a date, then go on several dates before having sex. That is if everything goes right, the feelings are mutual and both the partners agree to have consensual intercourse. But this isn’t a possibility for everyone. People have demanding jobs and other things which they have to prioritize. This effectively cuts into their dating time. But everyone has sexual desires and needs which need to be met. Many use vibrators and dildos to get the job done. But after a while it isn’t enough or rather, it starts to feel fake. So people look for other toys which feel more realistic, more like the real thing. This is where realistic dildos come into play.

What Are Realistic Dildos?

Anyone who knows even a little about dildos knows that they come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. There are double-ended dildos, glass dildos, vibrating dildos, strap on dildos and more. If you a specific dildo, chances are that you will find it. If you want a realistic dildo then you are looking for something which looks like the real thing. Realistic dildos offer just that. They have human and realistic features like a pair of balls, raised veins and such. All of it makes the dildo look and feel like the real thing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Realistic Dildos?

So is using realistic dildos just a fetish or are there any benefits of using it? Let’s find out:

  • Experience Incredible Stimulation: The realistic head of the penis, bulging veins and the firm erection, all help in stimulating the nerve endings of the vagina or anal cavity. This ensures that the user gets to experience a real incredible pleasure. Many of the realistic dildos add realistic testicles as well. This doesn’t just make the dildo lifelike, but helps in stimulating the perineum or clitoris externally during play. Moreover, since the dildos are realistic and firm as well, it just goes that extra mile when it comes to giving pleasure.


  • Pleasure On Demand:Human males are not always ready to go whenever you want. But these realistic dildos are. They are firm but flexible as well, just like the real thing. So while it’s artificial it doesn’t feel as such. This ensures that it’s easy to insert and fits comfortably. You can use the dildos the number of times you want. Just make sure that you have a lube with you.


  • Different Types Available: It’s always different strokes for different folks. Some like it big, some like it is small while others like it are massive. Whatever your type you will find it. You will find that realistic dildos come in various girth and length sizes. So whether you want 4 inches or 14 inches, you will get it.


  • A Little Change: You can use realistic dildos simply because you wanted to. It could a little break from the norm for you. After all, even the littlest change in length and girth can make all the difference in your experience.


  • Use With Strap Ons: Many people use realistic dildos with strap ons because it looks so real. If you are planning on using realistic dildos with strap ons then make sure you get one with a pretty wide base. This will ensure better compatibility with the dildo harness. Strap ons also have an O-rings which can be used to ensure that the dildo stays in place. All you have to do is put it on the length of the dildo. If you want a good fit the make sure to get a harness that has the right O-size.


  • No Need To Use Hands: Sex seems to be a lot better when there are fewer arms and legs involved. But that’s unavoidable if you are using the real thing. This is where realistic dildos have an advantage. Imagine being able to put the dildo in any angle or position you want without any barriers. That must be bliss. You will be able to set the pace and do exactly what gives you pleasure.


  • Any Location: You can use realistic dildo wherever you want. All you have to do is stick it to a sturdy, flat surface. This can be your shower wall, bedroom wall or anything else. Now you are ready to enjoy it and that too without using your hands. Just a little tip: Make sure that stick the dildo to a sturdy surface otherwise you might get hurt.


Are Realistic Dildos An Alternative To Dating?

Only you can answer this question. For some people, it isn’t while for others it just adds to the foreplay. But nothing can beat talking and connecting with another human being. Yet if all you want is pleasure, then using this is the nearest thing possible to the real thing. But sometimes, the dildos can appear to be a little bit too realistic and can freak people out. In such a case there are other options as well apart from a flesh-colored one. You will find dildos of different colours which have the same features and lifelike detailing. So everything will be the same, just the skin colour of the dildo will be different, just like the realistic dildos that you can find here.

Realistic dildos are great for having fun or if you want the real thing but without the hassle associated with it. Just stick it to a wall and have fun. There’s no need for any other person. You will never be lonely and sex-starved with realistic dildos.