How to get ready for your first anal hook session

Are you ready to wreck your partner’s asshole with an anal hook? If you love all kinds of anal sex along with intense BDSM kinks, an anal hook will be your new favorite obsession! However, we should warn you that anal hooks are not beginner-friendly toys. They are intended for intense ass play. They should only be used by trained anal sluts and obedient little slaves! 

So what is an ass hook? How can you use one to maximize pleasure or pain? This anal sex guide will show you how to get ready for your first anal hook session! 

But first — What is anal hook?

Anal hooks are some of the most intense BDSM toys. They are used for predicament bondage, rough anal play, temperature play, gaping, and more. 

Overall, this toy is made of medical-grade stainless steel. It has a U or J-shaped curve with a large ball on the insertable end. Most balls have a bead-style shape, while others are cone-shaped. Some even have multiple balls for ultimate anal destruction! 

Obviously, the ball part will end up in your or your partner’s ass. Moreover, on the other end of the hook, you’ll see a loop or O-ring. You can attach various ropes and bondage gear to it. You can use the O-ring to hook it up to your sub’s hair, neck, or wrists. Then, when your slave tries to squirm in pain, the toy will follow their movements, creating a unique mix of pain and pleasure!

Most of us, of course, wanted to see what it looked like before buying one. With that, gazing through the superb but inexpensive LG shop products could help you see a better picture of what an anal hook looks like.

Don’t rush

This toy is definitely not for someone who has an untrained asshole. If you are new to anal masturbation and penetration, it’s better to start off with small butt plugs or other sex toys. You or your partner will need previous anal training before using an ass hook.

Typically, when you insert the hook, your slave’s ass will grip onto it like it would onto beads or butt plugs. However, this toy is wider in diameter, and it’s also very heavy. Plus, since it’s made of cold steel, it will heat up after insertion. All of that will create an entirely new way for you and your sub to enjoy anal. But, you’ll also need previous rope bondage training if you wish to attach ropes to the hook.  

Trust is a must

Don’t try to stick an anal hook in your partner’s ass without their permission. Using hooks and other BDSM equipment requires full confidence, trust, and consent. Therefore, you’ll need to cover all the bases with your partner and openly discuss your fantasies, desires, and limits. 

The most important thing here is to set clear boundaries. Both of you have to be on the same page! Plus, you will need to establish some safe words in case your ass hook session becomes too intense. 

Love the lube

Playing with anal hooks requires lots of lube. Stainless steel can create a lot of friction in the anal cavity, and the only way to make sure everything goes in and out smoothly is to use plenty of lube. 

With anal hooks, the best choice is silicone lube. This type of lube will not damage the hook, and it will last for a long time. Your body can absorb water-based and oil-based lubes, or they can dry out quite quickly. So, start with a generous amount of lube in and around your slave’s asshole before insertion. You should also apply it directly onto the hook before putting it in and during removal. 

Ready for action

Before you begin your anal adventure, another important reminder is to clean up. You should prepare for anal sex and keep things clean down there to avoid messy situations. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Go to the bathroom approximately 30 to 60 minutes before your session.
  • Use an anal douche. Using a shower to clean an anus before anal sex could be effective, but since hooks can penetrate much deeper and spread the anal cavity much wider, it’s better to use an enema with warm water. 
  • Eat healthy the day before. Stock up on fiber-rich foods to speed up your bowel movements.
  • If you want to, you can use a condom on your anal hook.
  • Before insertion, relax your ass! Use a small buttplug or a bigger dildo.
  • It’s highly important to sterilize your hook before and after each use. Cleaning the steel is incredibly easy. All you need to do is to wipe it down with disinfectant soap and water. Alternatively, you can boil the toy or use a special toy cleaner. 

How to play with hooks

So what’s next? Well, the most common way to use ass hooks is in bondage and rope play. You can position your slave in various bondage forms, according to Shibari. 

One example is the bondage doggy style or leapfrog position. Here, you can insert the hook in your slave’s tight hole from behind and tie the rope to their ponytail or neck. Thus, you’ll have easy access to their other holes. Plus, if they move, the hook will pull on their asshole and their hair at the same time! 

Moreover, you can suspend the hook from the ceiling with rope. This is great for all types of standing bondage. You can tie your slave’s wrists to some rope and completely immobilize them with the hook. Another tip is to spread their legs and use another sex toy on their vagina or penis for more torture! If you’re trying any suspension bondage, you should never suspend your partner by the hook. Only use ropes to apply the pressure. 

Alternatively, ass hooks are used for public humiliation. You can tie them under your partner’s clothing via a harness rope. 

Finally, the experience only gets better if you introduce other elements of BDSM. You could drip candle wax all over your slave’s ass or use various toys to torment their mind and body even further. That includes vibrators, prostate massagers, pussy pumps, nipple clamps, etc. In the end, top it all off with a gag ball in your partner’s mouth to muffle their screams from pain and pleasure! 

Spread ’em!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to anal hooks and that we’ve tickled your imagination to try one in your next BDSM session. So order an anal hook today and follow our tips for an orgasmic anal domination experience! Enjoy!