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More and more often, modern couples feel like new stimulating adventures in bed and elsewhere, which does not necessarily mean having a new partner in play! That’s why at online shops you’ll find the latest trends from the world of sex toys – whether happy single or longer in a relationship.

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Whether irrepressible pulsators, stylish glass dildos for dating, breathtaking anal toys or classic vibrators – in our carefully selected assortment of toys and helpers, everyone gets their money’s worth! To make the search and selection as easy as possible and to tailor the sex toys to your wishes, just use our numerous filters: Are you a beginner, advanced or experienced? It should the stimulation be vaginal, clitoral, anal or maybe a combination of best strokers?

Also special features for your new love toy, such as multiple motors for vibrators, material, size and color are easily selectable, so you can customize your search exactly to your personal preferences. All the products you find on our site are enough to meet high standards of quality and safety and we are sure that you will enjoy our toys as much as we and our product testers. From tried and true perennial favorites like body wall and Orion, about successful brands such as Big Toys and Svakom, to the latest sex toys for couples such as Minds of Love and world innovations such as the electric sex toys of the company, you will find in our sex toys assortment and at great prices.

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Online shops secure you optimally with SSL server – so you can safe without any doubt shopping with us. We offer many different payment options and discretely ship your products in neutral packaging. If you do not know what to do, just have a question about your sex toy or if something is wrong with a delivery, you can easily reach us via email, phone or our live chat. We are happy to help you as soon as possible. In addition, we constantly offer the latest tips from our professionals in a variety of areas from tiny urethral sounds to big and large dildos.

The masturbator

Rubber dolls or pocket pussies are certainly a concept for each of you. The basic principle is the same for both: A tube-like toy inside imitates the vagina, the mouth or the anus and massages the penis. The whole thing is called a masturbator.

And these masturbators are available in different versions. Some have a particularly rippled inner life, others vibrate and massage the penis. The masturbators are either installed in a sex doll or just ‘on the hand’. They are the most common sex toy for masturbation in men.

The penis ring

This toy serves to delay the male orgasm and extend the ‘stamina’. The penis ring is placed around the penis root in the slack state (some may even include the scrotum) and prevents the blood from flowing back out of the erectile tissue as soon as the penis becomes stiff. In the BDSM area penis rings are also used in the course of orgasm denial : The man is repeatedly brought to just before orgasm, which cannot use due to the penis ring. This overriding find some men especially horny. Some cock rings are equipped with an additional vibrating attachment that massages the clitoris of the woman during sex. So you both have something of this toy!

The anal plug

In anal games anal plugs are essential. They stimulate the sensitive area around the anus and the sphincter. They are available in all colors, shapes and materials. We even have plugs with a plush tail on the other end – perfect plug for call girls and perfect plug for New York environment.

For a comfortable fit, the sphincter is first stretched with one or two fingers and enough lube. Be sure to pay attention to short fingernails! If two fingers feel good, you can use the plug. Again, much lubricant is used. For beginners are small plugs with a diameter of three to four centimeters. Anal play-experienced can also dare to plugs with a larger diameter. Here you should but then pre-stretch with three or more fingers! The same rule should be followed in choosing yoni egg for your lifestyle particularly those yoni eggs for healing yoga.

The prostate stimulator

A first-class anal toy is the prostate stimulator. It is reminiscent of an anal plug in form, but with an additional attachment aimed directly at the prostate. Some toys even vibrate and lead to an insane orgasm! The prostate stimulator is applied like a plug, that means: stretch sufficiently and use a lot of lubricant!

The dilator

This toy is not for everyone! But some men are in addition to the stimulation of the prostate also on the stimulation of the urethra. Do not you think so? Then read through the forum – there are not only reviews, but also first-hand pictures! With sterilized tubes, the urethra is penetrated – including vibrations lead dilators then to a whole new orgasm sensation.

Sex toys for men, nice and good. But you rather want something that you two can enjoy? Here we present you the best Sex toys for couples!

Sex toys for men means first of all to make the penis happy. For this we have set up an assortment for men’s sex toys, ranging from different penis rings and cases, inflatable dolls and penis pumps. The common denominator: they provide an incredible pleasure. Sex toys for men are as always at consistently made of high quality materials.

Men’s sex toys number 1 is of course the masturbators, we have them in countless variants in stock, and after all, men also have their desires and preferences when it comes to sex toys. What are women’s sex toys vibrators is for the men Tango. For the men who like the toy sexier, we’ve included art vaginas in the category of sex toys for men. And again it gets more realistic with Pamela, Claudia and Jenna, the pleasure dolls . Just inflate and enjoy; they never have a headache.

The flesh light, within a short time it has become the best selling sex toys in the world and for good reason. Meanwhile, there are these toys in countless versions. Whether you want to penetrate a vagina, need a blowjob or anal sex. The Flesh light makes it possible.

Whether it’s masturbation or the extra stimulation of the partner or the partner, the sex toys for Penis sleeves, which give the best piece with nubs and grooves additional functions. The cock rings provide more endurance and harder erections. If it’s allowed to be a little more, we have Pumps & Enlargers at the sex toys for men. It is an automatic penis pump and at the same time a masturbator and thus a male sex toy that delivers highly impressive and great results.